Sharon Pfister

Owner / Artist

I remember the first time I saw dichroic fused glass. I was on a cross-country motorcycle trip and we had stopped at one of the guy’s houses for the night. I went inside to hang-out in the kitchen with the girls. The backsplash was handmade by the owners and included some tiles made using dichroic glass. I was totally mesmerized by the uniqueness and the beauty. I was Hooked!!

Ever since then I’ve been exploring, experimenting and creating and I’m no less mesmerized.

I usually let the glass do the creating for me. I seldom have a plan and when I do, it’s quickly revised when I find the glass has created something I never could have originally imagined.

I’ve been thrilled to find that there are no real failures in this medium. What starts out to be a disappointment is actually just the initial step to a fabulous creation I hadn’t realized yet!!