Autumn Trees - Fused Glass Art - #FS49


Autumn Trees – Fused Glass Art – #FS49



12″ x 10.5″ glass piece.  16.5″ tall with the included stand.  Autumn Trees and Changing Leaves!  Place this in front of a window or anywhere that light will shine through.  It gives the glass garden life and keeps it changing throughout the day!

All of my glass art pieces are completely unique – no two can ever be exactly alike.

I include dichroic glass, iridescent glass, mica powders, glass paints, gold decals, bits and pieces, glass flakes, rods and/or stringers in every combination.  I cut each small piece of glass by hand, design and assemble the creations, then fire them in a kiln up to 1500°.  Most require multiple firings to achieve the varied depths and textures.


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